The nine-course Programme leading to the award of the ChFC®/S professional designation offers financial advisory professionals comprehensive financial planning knowledge to better assist their clients in this increasingly competitive field.In particular, candidates will have opportunities to explore in-depth practical applications of financial planning, estate planning, and retirement planning concepts, including planning for business owners, professionals and wealthy clients. This is a self-study programme, except for ChFC08 and ChFC09 in which candidates must attend a 14-hour and 2-hour tutorials before attempting the examination.

  • “My ChFC tutorial session with IFPAS was a beneficial one, as the lecturers there are experienced and knowledgeable. They share a lot not only related to my studies but also in my practice as a financial consultant. I would recommend more friends and colleagues to enrol and start their learning journey with ChFC! Thank you IFPAS for coordinating the sessions and provide us with a conducive classroom to focus and learn as much as we can.”

    Gavin Zheng

  • “This special award of CHFC is a Professional Designation offered to Financial Advisory Professionals.
    It has tremendous importance helping clients in doing comprehensive Financial Planning. This can better assist clients in such an increasingly competitive field.The course increased my knowledge enabling me to explore in-depth practical applications of Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Retirement Planning Concepts, including planning for Business Owners, Professionals and Wealthy Clients.”

    Agatha Chua Mui Chng

  • “The ChFC Programme has helped me to reaffirm and consolidate knowledge and practices picked up over the years - pretty much like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. And, it filled the missing pieces! There were more than I had realised! My presentations are now more focused and better structured. IFPAS has done a great job in bringing industry veterans to coach the various modules. The classes gave us an opportunity to network with fellow practitioners from multiple companies and to share ideas. And, make new friends who share the same ambitions. Well done! IFPAS!”

    Tarvinder Kaur Narula

  • “My CHFC journey started way back in 2012. I was holding the title of “Associate Financial Consultant” for quite a while and was thinking I might as well acquire the designation of CHFC since I will have a module or 2 exemptions. After all, learning has only one effect – a positive one. I enjoyed the whole entire learning process even though juggling with work, family and study was not an easy one but it was a fulfilling learning experience. I remembered at one of the conversation with a client talking about investment, the client knew you know your stuff and when clients start to pick your brain, you know they regard you as their consultant.”

    Yeo Poh Choo


ChFC01: Financial Planning: Process and Environment

Provides an overview of the financial planning process, including communication techniques, ethics, risk tolerance, time-value-of-money concepts and financial planning applications.

ChFC02: Risk Management, Insurance and Retirement Planning

ChFC02: Risk Management, Insurance and Retirement Planning

Focuses on the use of risk management techniques in treating the risks faced by individuals.It also provides an outline of the basic insurance principles, as well as

ChFC03: Tax, Estate Planning and Legal Aspects of Financial Planning

ChFC03: Tax, Estate Planning and Legal Aspects of Financial Planning

Examines income tax laws relating to the transactions of individuals, as well as planning for minimisation and deferral of taxation for the clients. It also reviews cases


ChFC04: Investments

Covers the different risks and returns from the various forms of investments, as well as the types of investment strategies that can be taken, given the increasingly challenging investment environment.


ChFC05: Plan Construction, Practice Standards and Ethics

Complements the theoretical aspects of financial planning by addressing key practice and plan construction issues. It outlines the essential skills needed to formulate


ChFC06: Planning for Business Owners and Professionals

Focuses on the various forms of business structures, and highlights the risks and returns involved in a business investment. It also provides insights on buy-sell agreements


ChFC07: Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Examines the importance of creating and protecting wealth as it has a great impact on clients’ current and future lifestyles. It also outlines the proper wealth management techniques and strategies


ChFC08: Financial Planning Applications

Presents a capstone to the ChFC programme by encompassing and encapsulating holistic knowledge that the student has gained from ChFC01 to ChFC07 studies. Case studies and analyses are used to integrate the various


ChFC09: Ethics for the Financial Services Professional

Provides a practical framework for making ethical business decisions in the financial services industry. It covers the importance of ethics as a subject, the eight-step model of ethical decision making framework and the