IFPAS – Kaplan Australia High Net Worth (HNW) Certification

The Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) is proud to provide the highly-regarded High Net Worth (HNW) Certification in collaboration with our international education partner and course developer, Kaplan Professional Australia. The HNW Certification combines the academic rigour of higher education theory with practical and relevant outcomes centred on financial planning. This professional certification represents the pinnacle of achievement, providing formal recognition of the highest standard of competence and skill within the financial advice discipline.

The HNW Certification combines international best-practice and local market case studies in family wealth management to equip advisers with the knowledge and expertise to implement a step-by-step process for providing quality financial advice to HNW individuals.

Through scenario-based assessments, you will emerge with the knowledge and skills to design appropriate asset protection and wealth management strategies, in addition to a marketing and communication plan to attract, advise and retain these clients.

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Visit https://hnwcertification.com/for more details.

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