Directory of Certified HNW Adviser

Completion of the High Net Worth (HNW) Certification programme differentiates Certified HNW Advisers from their peers and demonstrates their devotion to client success, underpinned by a commitment to lifelong learning. The Certified HNW Adviser designation provides clients with confidence they will be provided quality financial advice to help achieve their financial goals.

Designed to provide financial advice practitioners a deep understanding of the rapidly expanding HNW sector in Asia-Pacific, the HNW Certification programme has been developed by the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) and its international education partner Kaplan Professional Australia. It is also accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) under the Skills Framework for Financial Services.

The Certified HNW Adviser designation represents the pinnacle of achievement and provides formal recognition of the highest standard of competence and skill within the financial advice discipline.

Date of Certification Name Certificate No
29/03/2022 Wee Cheng Seng Edmund SEN4058310
29/03/2022 Carlos Lee Seng Teck SEN4056621
29/03/2022 Ong Wee Yeap SEN4057580
29/03/2022 Ng Eng Beow SEN4056653
29/03/2022 Tan Kee Huat SEN4057579
29/03/2022 Zhou Liping SEN4056618
29/03/2022 Sim Willing SEN4057577
29/03/2022 Agnes Oh Sock Hoon SEN4057341
29/03/2022 Woo Yu Ling, Edwina SEN4057329
29/03/2022 Stella Wu Xiaoxu SEN4056641
29/03/2022 Allen Lim Chen Jye SEN4056620
29/03/2022 Yip Jun Hao, Derrick SEN4057578
29/03/2022 Sylvia Tan Soh Lian SEN4056634
29/03/2022 Adrian Paul Anugraham SEN4056647
29/03/2022 Lim Boon Siang SEN4057226
29/03/2022 Sum Wai Hong SEN4056622
29/03/2022 Tay Geok Hoon SEN4056633
29/03/2022 Tan Seng Chuan SEN4056629
29/03/2022 Fong Yong Hui SEN4057294
30/04/2022 Neo Hanwen, Christopher SEN4070915
03/05/2022 Ng Xin Lin SEN4075484
10/05/2022 Tan Tze Ling SEN4073073
02/05/2022 Huang Shuxian, Bernice SEN4070913
30/04/2022 Kathy Tan Soh Hoon SEN4070922
03/05/2022 Huang Tianhui SEN4074012