My fellow practitioners,

You are looking at the latest layout of the IFPAS website. It has been regularly updated to help us stay relevant to our members’ needs and expectations. Likewise, IFPAS must continue to evolve to help our members remain relevant to their clients, in the light of the changes in our industry.

We have made much progress over the last six years, in fending off threats to our “rice-bowls”, establishing a good understanding with the regulator and other stakeholders, raising our public profile through the MediShield Life Consultation project, Financial Literacy seminars, Community Befriending events, collaborating with the People’s Association, Ministry of Health, equipping our members skills & knowledge in specific areas such as Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Business Succession Planning, Professional Indemnity, Wills and Trusts.

At IFPAS, we pride ourselves on putting the interests of industry practitioners and all these years, we have kept our membership fees to a minimum, while still providing new initiatives exclusive to IFPAS members.

We have actively organised several workshops and seminars and for those who have not yet attended any, I encourage you to sign up as we assure valuable take-aways from industry experts and professionals. For the vast majority of members who are looking for a more structured programme, the association’s ChFC®/S tutorial is back on track with up to 95% WSG available subsidy. Our target is to develop new courses that will suit the needs of the practitioners and to partner with respectable educational providers.

As much as we value the educational and professional excellence of industry practitioners, IFPAS is similarly a firm advocate of association social responsibility (ASR). In line with ASR, IFPAS has founded IFPAS Love Fund that has the intention of benefitting children and people with disabilities. We further extend our reach to the community by hosting befriending programmes and conducting financial literacy talk to various community centres in Singapore, in collaboration with People’s Association.

IFPAS has a very loyal membership base and our pursuit to team up with reputable merchants continues. Check out our member exclusives page for more information. There are more exciting activities and updates in store for our members as we celebrate the association’s 50th Anniversary next year. Tune in as we launch our new mobile app, online membership portal and one of the biggest events to be organised – the IFPAS Run.

Rest assured that during this term, we will press on in our quest for the practitioners of our industry to be recognized and accepted as true professionals and IFPAS as the premier association representing them.

Thank you for your support.

Leong Sow Hoe
IFPAS Executive Council 2019/20