Dear Members,

This year, I am honoured and fortunate to serve as your president of IFPAS. As President of IFPAS, I will pursue key strategic initiatives such as improving practitioners' professional careers, expanding the association's visibility and status with regulators, and creating new industry collaborations with zeal. We rely on the significant experience of our qualified and dedicated Council and secretariat.

I intend to contribute to these efforts by concentrating on my own desire to continue knowing and serving the unique requirements of members. The association will continue to prioritize (1) engaging our members to become even more involved on both professional and social levels, (2) improving your skill sets through IFPAS's education platform, (3) career advancement through our vast network, and (4) providing solutions and opportunities through our resources to help you pursue greatness in your business.

As we work hard to represent our profession at the highest levels, I invite all of you to assist IFPAS in bringing in new members and becoming part of a team that gives many chances to learn, educate, advise, and impact the outcome of the financial sector.

I am looking forward to a terrific, productive, and fulfilling 2022 with the new team!

Best Regards,
Sim Willing
IFPAS Executive Council 2022/2023