Dear Members and Fellow Practitioners,

At IFPAS, this period is all about new beginnings. And this means bringing a fresh slate of plans for the year ahead.

We just celebrated our 50th Anniversary and this is not possible without the support of our members and partners, and the selfless service of our former leaders and council members. Together with my newly elected team, we will continue building the association as the national representative of industry practitioners. Through a very close-knit working relationship with various government agencies like Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, People's Association and many more, we have garnered incredible support from different stakeholders and we aim to move IFPAS to greater heights.

In order to raise the standing and standards of the association and its members, we will strengthen our three core pillars, namely:

1. Membership - We want you to be PROUD of being an IFPAS Member!

The council would like to look into the benefits and value that you would gain from being part of our association.

Regular feedback/sharing sessions and workshops will be held for our members so please do keep a look out for our outreach messages. We would love for you to also contribute your ideas and thoughts so that we can expand your network of like-minded peers and make the association better for all of us.

2. Education & Training - Upholding Professional Excellence.

We recognise that as financial practitioners, we will need to leverage technology and explore innovative ways to engage with our clients. We are working hard to develop online learning experience to offer new ways of learning and to support the ongoing professional development needs of our members.

3. Public Relations - Giving back to the community.

I am certain that each and everyone of us have our own ways to share our blessings to the community. We are proud that through the dedication and tireless efforts of our volunteers - be it MediShield Life, befriending programmes and alike - the image of our profession goes beyond being a salesman. We are practitioners with a heart. In order to continue making this happen, there are several working projects that we will be starting and we will be actively recruiting working committee members that we hope you can be a part of! Click here if you are interested to join us in our pursuits.

Another area which you can contribute is through our IFPAS Love Fund that aims to help children and people with disabilities. As the saying goes, no amount is too little when helping someone in need.

During these trying times, Singaporeans need quality advice and access to a trusted adviser more than ever. This is a time that the value of what you do becomes crystal clear. You have an important role to play in the lives of your clients and their families. We encourage our members and fellow practitioners to be proactive in communicating to your clients and continue to provide the support and advice they need during these unprecedented times.

Despite the challenges we face, rest assured that IFPAS will continue to strive towards bringing better benefits to you, and together we can get our plans come to fruition!

Let's continue to stay strong and united. We will overcome this together and let's stay confident, resilient and socially responsible.

Best Regards,
Carlos Lee
IFPAS Executive Council 2020/2021