To shape the perception of the financial services industry within (its members) and without (other stakeholders including the regulators, manufacturers and the consumers). To be acknowledged as the de facto if not de jure representative of the financial services professionals.


To be the model industry body for the financial services profession representing the interests of primarily of its members and also the stakeholders they serve.


IFPAS members adhere to the association’s Code of Ethics, which it enforces strictly to ensure a high standard of membership, as well as to protect the public’s interests, the institution of life insurance and the institution of insurance and financial services.

We shall :
1. PLACE the best interests of our clients before our own;
2. EMBRACE a culture of fair dealing and ensure high ethical standards in the conduct of our profession;
3. HOLD in strictest confidence, and consider as privileged, all business and personal information pertaining to our clients' affairs;
4. MAKE full disclosure of all facts necessary to enable our clients to make informed decisions;
5. COMMIT ourselves to our profession so as to earn and enjoy the public's continuing trust and confidence in the Insurance and Financial Services industry; and
6. Abide by and conform to all rules and regulations of IFPAS.