Introducing the IFPAS LPA Nationwide Initiative!

Celebrate our 55th Anniversary with us by participating in our initiative to sponsor a total of 5,500 Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) certifications.
As an IFPAS member, you can:

  1. join as volunteers, becoming our first line of support for LPA donors and the public
  2. access our webinars to learn about LPA and eventually meet doctors and lawyers for LPA certification (For more details on the sessions, please see below)
  3. invite your family, friends, and clients to join the webinar and certification session

All sponsored by IFPAS

Join us in this meaningful initiative!

  1. To volunteer, fill up this form
  2. If you’re not an IFPAS member, and would like to be a member or know more about our membership, contact us at
  3. If you’re not an IFPAS member, but want to attend webinar and get certified for your LPA only, express your interest by filling up this form, and we will contact you via email or mobile number to keep you posted on the LPA events once open for public registration.

Check out our webinar and certification sessions:

  1. Webinar: (for Volunteers only) 6 December 2023
  2. Webinar: TBA
  3. Certification: (for Volunteers only) 16 December 2023
  4. Certification: TBA

For more LPA info:

  1. How to make an LPA (English, Mandarin)
  2. Guide book with detailed LPA information (by MSF OPG)

To show your support, we encourage everyone to tag us at #IFPASLPAInitiative #IFPAS55 on any social media platforms

And continue to watch this space!!

*Sessions for public and non-members will open from January 2024 onwards, dates to be announced in due course

Covering all costs except for LPA application fees, which are currently waived for all Singapore citizens by the government