Council Member

Li Wei

Since 1998, through years of hard work and enthusiasm, Li Wei transitioned from a chemical engineer, graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, becoming one of the top 10% financial services directors in AIA Singapore. All these years he has kept his pace at the top and continues to help all varieties of clients including many high-net-worth clients.

Li Wei dedicates his priority on building a strong team. His decades of management experiences and his mentoring philosophy will give you the tools and skills to succeed in this profession. Li Wei’s success and position at the top doesn’t stop him from training and developing new recruits. His career guidance for his team of different backgrounds have resulted in more than 30% of his team members winning the world-class MDRT, COT and TOT awards as well as career advancements. Presently, Li Wei has cultivated many financial services directors, associate directors and managers from his team.

Along with his career successes in Singapore, Li Wei is also the Honorary President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Singapore Alumni (上海交通大学新加坡校友会) and the president of Shanghai Zhejiang General Association (沪浙总会). In addition to these roles, he was also an active committee member for IFPAS (Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore) and FSMA (Financial Service Manager Association) for a couple of years. But yet, he still finds the effort to support charitable organisations and causes like the Sian Chay Medical Institution (善济医社), Worldwide Chinese Life Insurance Congress (世界华人保险大会) in helping impoverished students ( 捡回珍珠计划 ), and Singapore’s Cancer Society.