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Why Be Part Of IFPAS

Here are 6 reasons

#1 When your business is not steady yet

When starting out as an advisor, building your revenue pipeline and focusing on sales is the right thing to do. But you may be missing valuable awareness and perspectives that could boost your efforts and efficiency. IFPAS has courses and a community of mentors to offer you that much needed insight.

#2 When you want a clear and proven methodology to get into the high net worth society

A two day course is not enough to penetrate the high net worth market. Our rigorous [9] month signature programme will give you all the skills and resources needed to open the door and become a valuable asset to this community.

#3 When you want to offer massive value to your clients

You want your clients to see you as someone who sincerely has their best interest at heart. IFPAS offers you a safe space to learn the experiences and insights of other advisors. By joining IFPAS, you not only enhance your professional knowledge but also gain access to a plethora of special offers and discounts from our esteemed partner merchants spanning across diverse categories, including fashion, lifestyle, electronics, health, fitness, pets, and more. This exclusive benefit allows you to broaden your perspective and offer better options for your clients, ensuring that you are not only a trusted advisor but also someone who adds tangible value to their overall experience.

#4 When you want to stay relevant and ride the wave of change in the industry confidently

Government regulations, AI, pandemics and many other unexpected factors significantly impact how you conduct your business. Being part of IFPAS will ensure that you always know what s next and what to do with every challenge and opportunity that arises.

#5 When you feel some government policies need to be relooked

You may be unhappy with the latest government regulations. Instead of just talking about it among your fellow advisors, being part of IFPAS allows your concerns to be fairly represented. We are an association highly regarded by the Singapore government. We represent the actual voice of advisors. We have gone further than any financial company.

#6 When you want to give back to society

It has been said that the happiest people are not those getting more but those giving more. IFPAS organises multiple charitable activities to make your journey as a successful advisor more meaningful by giving back to society.

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