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High Net Worth (HNW) Certification

About The HNW Certification

This HNW certification will equip you with the skills and knowledge to design protection and wealth management strategies for high-net-worth individuals. Moreover, you will learn to develop a marketing communication strategy to attract and retain such clients. 

This highly regarded course will position you on the pinnacle of achievement. It formally recognises that you have attained the highest standard of competence and skill as a financial advisor. 

It was co-developed with Kaplan Professional Australia. It combines the academic rigour of higher education theory with practical and relevant outcomes centred on financial planning. 

The course incorporates discussions groups and case studies. The assessments are also scenario-based, giving you real-life, actionable skills.

Why Take The Certification ?

There are 249,800 millionaires in Singapore, making it the fifth wealthiest city in the world. (Henley & Partners, 2022) Studies show that HNW clients are good at the first two stages of wealth accumulation and growth. But there is a lack of knowledge regarding stages 3 and 4: preservation and transfer/distribution. This is where Financial Advisors like you do well as practitioners in helping our clients.

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