Immediate Past President

Sim Willing

AIA Singapore

Certified High Net Worth Adviser, The Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM), Chartered Financial Consultant®/Singapore (ChFC®/S), IBF Fellow (2023)

Financial Services Director at SP Willing
AIA Singapore 

Entering the industry in 1993, Sim Willing ardently upholds the intrinsic value of financial practice. Despite encountering skepticism from friends and relatives owing to the nature of the profession, Willing firmly believes that the embodiment of professionalism can reshape consumer perceptions.

Willing’s leadership ethos is characterized by a straightforward approach – cultivating a professional lifestyle to serve as a guiding influence for the younger generation.

Willing’s journey within the organization commenced as a volunteer contributing to the IFPAS – MediShield Life Pro bono 1 -1 Consultation Project. This endeavor deepened Willing’s familiarity with the organization, leading to an invitation to join a working group under the Membership department. Today, Willing stands at the helm as the IFPAS President for the term 2022/2023 & 2023/2024.

Endowed with the privilege to represent and serve the association and its members, Willing pledges to transcend expectations. This commitment is manifested through the unwavering dedication to empower financial practitioners, fostering a culture of professionalism while advocating for proficiency, competency, and ethical obligations.