Back to Basics Series (B2B) – SRS Planning for Retirement Needs

The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) workshop took place to enlighten attendees about this voluntary scheme, which was initiated in 2001 to encourage individuals to save for their retirement, supplementing their CPF savings. By December 2021, the cumulative SRS contributions over the past two decades had reached an impressive $14.36 billion.

The workshop aimed to shed light on the growing popularity of the Supplementary Retirement Scheme in recent years. Attendees were invited to delve into the latest trends surrounding SRS and explore the reasons why discussing SRS planning with clients has become increasingly important.

Participants were educated on the practical utilization of SRS planning for both tax relief and retirement purposes. The event also provided a platform for in-depth discussions on SRS withdrawal strategies, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights into optimizing their retirement planning.