Best Practice Sharing Session – My 27-year Journey in the Financial Services Industry

The workshop delved into the role of financial consultants in Singapore, highlighting the duality of successes and challenges inherent in the profession. Meeting a diverse array of clients, each with unique needs and desires, posed a constant and complex task for financial professionals. Their overarching objective remained consistent: to furnish clients with tailored solutions that facilitated their journey towards financial well-being.

During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to benefit from the insights of an industry veteran who shared her time-tested strategies. These strategies, which had proven effective in client interactions, served as a valuable resource for financial consultants seeking to enhance their client engagement 

The primary focus of the workshop was to equip participants with efficient and valuable approaches for conducting comprehensive client reviews. The goal was to provide attendees with the tools and techniques necessary to better understand and address the specific financial needs of their clients. Through the workshop, financial consultants were empowered to enhance their practice and assist their clients more effectively in achieving their financial goals.