Technical Workshop – Assisting the Client Through the Probate/Administration Process

During the workshop, participants delved into the challenges associated with bereavement within families. It was acknowledged that during such distressing times, family members often seek guidance and support from their financial advisors, who hold a position of trust and counsel. Financial advisors, in this context, become the initial contact point for assisting them in navigating the intricate probate and administration procedures.

The primary objective of this workshop was to furnish financial advisors with the requisite knowledge to address the myriad inquiries posed by grieving family members prior to involving legal professionals in the formal initiation of the probate and administration processes. By doing so, financial advisors aimed to serve as a valuable resource and support system during the early stages of this challenging journey.

One crucial aspect that received comprehensive attention during the workshop was the examination of typical issues associated with insurance policies concerning the probate and administration procedures. Specifically, the workshop highlighted the intricacies of matters such as the nomination process, shedding light on the complexities that often arise in this context.