Technical Workshop – Deepen Your Connection with Your Audience Online, Deal and Serve More with Your Prospects Offline!

The workshop revolved around the exploration of what it took to establish profound connections with one’s online audience and prospects. The goal was to facilitate a quicker, deeper, and more effective engagement with the audience, enhancing the likelihood of successful transactions. Participants were prompted to question whether the path to achieving this connection merely involved an increase in content production or imitation of social media influencer strategies. The response, however, was negative for both queries.

The high-impact presentation, expertly curated and delivered by Benjamin Loh CSP, an industry keynote speaker and Strategic Growth Coach renowned for his work with top Agency Leaders and Practitioners in the financial services sector, provided attendees with a comprehensive framework for enhancing their strategies and cultivating deeper connections with their audience 

During the presentation, participants were exposed to several key takeaways, including:

  1. Understanding the power of attraction as opposed to the often-fruitless endeavour of online hunting.
  2. Exploring the six levels of attraction and connection that can be established with one’s online audience.
  3. Gaining access to practical strategies to kickstart their journey, enabling them to earn the trust and respect of their audience.