High-Net-Worth Client Segment: An Insider’s Guide for Financial Consultants in Asia

Workshop Synopsis
Are you a Financial Consultant struggling to compete with established banks in Asia’s booming wealth management market?
This exclusive workshop, led by a seasoned ex-banker, will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to excel in serving both affluent and HNW clients. Gain insider insights on how banks cater to these segments, their strengths and client experience. Be prepared for the generous Q & A session for your burning questions!

Workshop Learning Objectives
• Gain an insider’s perspective on how banks serve affluent and HNW clients in Asia.
• Understand the HNW Wealth Management landscape to identify your unique sweet spot.
• Understand how FCs can thrive within the evolving wealth management ecosystem.

Workshop Outline
1. Inside the Private Banking Vault
a. A Banker’s View
b. The HNW Client Experience
2. Understanding the HNW Wealth Management Landscape
3. Becoming a Trusted Advisor – 5Cs
4. Challenges Faced by Financial Consultants
5. Q & A Session

Speaker’s Profile
Cangina brings a wealth of practitioner and management experience over two decades, covering a wide spectrum of sectors including banking, finance, investment, and executive coaching. As an ex-banker and Wealth Management Business Leader, she has recruited and trained many bankers, non-bank FAs and built high performance teams.
Specializing in Client Relationship Management, Networking and Prospecting, Cangina is adept at tailoring training programs and coaching sessions to amplify productivity and enhance the customer journey.
Beyond her professional accolades, Cangina is renowned among peers for her affable nature and adeptness at fostering communication, connections, and collaborations.
To know more about Cangina, visit www.linkedin.com/in/cangina-see.

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