Honorary Treasurer

Chia Xian Min

Manulife Singapore

B.FA (Hons), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Certified HNW Adviser, MDRT

Relationship Director, DTA Financial Advisory
Manulife Singapore

Chia Xian Min embraces life’s challenges with a keen sense of excitement, recognizing the inherent wonder in its complexities. Instead of succumbing to fretfulness or emotional turmoil during difficult times, Xian Min focuses on discerning solutions, adding an invigorating dimension to life’s journey.

Honored by the nomination as a new council member, Xian Min eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to the association. Having served diligently on the IFPAS’ Education and Training working committee for several years, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact achievable through collective efforts towards common goals.

In the role of a council member, Xian Min dedicates utmost attention to preserving the association’s strength and fostering a supportive community for all members. The commitment involves actively listening to feedback, embracing ideas, and addressing concerns to shape the association’s future positively.

Xian Min looks forward to a collaborative engagement with fellow council members, collectively striving for the continuous enhancement of the association’s overall well-being.