Council Member

Edwin Seah

Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Senior Financial Planner
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Chartered Financial Consultant®/Singapore (ChFC®/S), Chartered Life Underwriter®/Singapore (CLU®/S)

As Edwin Seah steps into his role as a council member for IFPAS, he embodies a vision of progress, integrity, and inclusivity within the insurance and financial sector. Edwin aims to give back to the industry by collaborating with fellow council members to elevate professional standards and nurture a thriving ecosystem where practitioners can flourish. He pledges to advocate for continuous professional development, ensuring that members have access to training and resources to stay abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes.

Fully recognizing the importance of enhancing public trust and confidence in the insurance and financial sector, Edwin wishes to work closely with the team to promote transparency, accountability, and consumer protection initiatives. He aims to collaborate closely with regulatory bodies and stakeholders to uphold the industry’s reputation, promoting fair and ethical practices to build stronger relationships between practitioners and clients, fostering a climate of trust and reliability.

In addition to promoting professional excellence and ethical conduct, Edwin is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within the sector. He understands the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and experiences, pledging to advocate for initiatives that promote equality, cultural diversity, and inclusion across all levels of the industry.

As a council member, Edwin stands ready to serve as a passionate advocate for practitioners, clients, and the broader community. With a focus on excellence, integrity, and inclusivity, he seeks to elevate the insurance and financial sector, driving positive change and advancing the interests of all stakeholders.