Council Member

Francees Zaguirre

AIA Singapore

Financial Services Manager
AIA Singapore

As Francees Zaguirre reflects on his journey, he finds himself humbled by the profound impact the industry has had, not only on his life but also on those around him. A decade marked by challenges, growth, and moments of deep gratitude has led him to this significant milestone: celebrating his 10th financial year in the industry. With this milestone comes a clear sense of purpose—a commitment to giving back to the entire Singapore insurance and financial practitioners community that has given him so much.

Francees envisions making a revolutionary contribution that transcends boundaries and uplifts the entire community. He firmly believes that leveraging the power of social media for transformative engagement is the key. Together, he aims to reshape the way practitioners connect, communicate, and collaborate, placing transparency and communication at the forefront of his vision. Through social media platforms, he sees an opportunity to foster a space where industry updates and news flow freely, empowering practitioners to navigate the profession’s complexities with clarity and confidence.

But Francees’s vision extends beyond mere information sharing; it’s about empowerment—equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions that shape their futures. He is passionate about promoting collaboration and networking through online forums, envisioning a space where ideas flourish, innovations arise, and relationships flourish.

In pursuing these goals, Francees is resolute in his commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, inspired by the warm welcome he received from this country. Through online campaigns, he seeks to celebrate the richness of the community and foster an environment where every voice feels valued and heard. Recognizing the importance of member engagement and professional development, he plans to offer interactive features and online training sessions, empowering practitioners to achieve new levels of excellence and mastery.

Moving forward, Francees stands before his peers with a heart full of dedication and a spirit brimming with passion. Together, they have the opportunity to harness the full potential of social media and drive innovation and transformation within the insurance and financial sectors of Singapore. He is honored to serve alongside esteemed financial professionals, united in their commitment to a vision defined by unity, progress, and unwavering dedication.