Vice President 3

Liu Jialong

Prudential Singapore

B.A Social Work, National University of Singapore

Financial Services Director, CoXperience
Prudential Singapore

Liu Jialong has always held his parents in high regard, considering them as influential figures who played a pivotal role in shaping his career within the financial services sector. With a father hailing from China/Hong Kong and a background in business, Jialong’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early on. Simultaneously, his mother, through her nurturing influence, instilled in him a passion for helping others and instigated a belief in the principle of “Always Give First.”

Upon completing his studies at NUS in 2004, Jialong embarked on his professional journey as a Financial Consultant, seamlessly integrating the values inherited from his parents with the knowledge gained from his Social Work studies. Over time, he discovered a deep-seated satisfaction not only in serving his clients but also in effecting positive changes in the lives of others. This realization prompted him to explore avenues for contributing more broadly to the industry.

The pivotal moment arrived with Jialong’s involvement in the Medishield Life project, where he, along with his team, collaborated with IFPAS several years ago. Subsequently, his engagement continued with the inaugural IFPAS ALL-STAR awards. It was during these experiences that Jialong grasped the profound impact IFPAS had on his career. Acknowledging that without the organization’s support, he might not have become a Financial Consultant, he was inspired to take an active role in serving the industry.

This inspiration led Jialong to join the IFPAS Exco, where he could contribute more significantly to the industry that had given him so much. Since then, Jialong has been unwavering in his commitment, never looking back as he continues to contribute to the growth and development of the financial services sector.