Honorary Secretary

Sylvia Tan Soh Lian

Great Eastern Life Insurance Company

MBA, University of Adelaide

Certified HNW Adviser

Financial Planner at The Financialists
Great Eastern Life Insurance Company

Sylvia Tan, a dedicated professional in the field of financial empowerment, leads a team of experts united by a singular objective: to guide and empower clients towards achieving financial independence and security. Through meticulously crafted strategies and processes, they aim to instill enduring values that pave the way to financial freedom, not only for their clients but also for themselves.

Trained originally as an accountant, Sylvia contemplated retiring within the confines of her accounting expertise. However, upon entering the financial industry, a stark realization unfolded. Contrary to widespread belief, many individuals lacked adequate protection and sufficient insurance coverage. This revelation fueled Sylvia’s commitment to addressing these prevalent issues.

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and skills, Sylvia now serves as the Honorary Treasurer of IFPAS, channeling her expertise to fulfill the organization’s mission. In her current role, she actively contributes to rectifying the common challenges faced by individuals regarding insurance. Sylvia Tan continues to serve IFPAS with unwavering dedication, utilizing her proficiency to guide others towards financial security and prosperity.