CPF Series: CPF Talk on Healthcare Needs

As individuals aged, the prospect of heightened healthcare expenses became increasingly likely. In this context, MediShield Life assumed a vital role by providing health insurance designed to mitigate the financial burden of significant medical costs. For those desiring additional coverage, the opportunity to complement MediShield Life with private insurance was available. Furthermore, the utilization of MediSave savings extended to covering outpatient treatments and CareShield Life premiums. The workshop revolved around deepening understanding of how CPF (Central Provident Fund) addressed healthcare needs, while also exploring the benefits of various government health schemes.

Throughout the workshop, participants gained insights into the role of MediShield Life and its ability to alleviate the financial strain associated with healthcare expenses. The option of supplementing it with private insurance was explored, providing attendees with a comprehensive view of healthcare coverage.

The workshop also detailed the use of MediSave savings to cover outpatient treatments and CareShield Life premiums. It aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of CPF’s role in addressing healthcare needs and shed light on the advantages offered by various government health schemes.