IFPAS Workshop – Part 1: Capitalising on opportunities in the raising trend of Family Offices in Singapore Part 2: Blockchain Technology Vs Safe Financial Documents Depository

The complexities of the modern era were explored in a workshop, which emphasized the need for a re-evaluation of wealth management strategies. The workshop addressed the aftermath of Covid-19, the escalating impact of climate change, and unprecedented geopolitical challenges, all of which have heightened the unpredictability of the future. In response, affluent individuals underwent a paradigm shift in their approach to wealth preservation.

A significant observation emerged in Asia, where the rapid growth of Family Offices reflected the changing landscape. Wealthy families, recognizing the necessity for enhanced agility and dynamism, reconsidered their governance structures. The role of Family Offices expanded beyond traditional boundaries, involving comprehensive management of family affairs and dynamic investment strategies. Amidst these transformations, families increasingly embraced ESG and impact investing, aligning their wealth management with social responsibility.

The workshop delved into the evolving landscape of Family Offices in Asia, providing invaluable insights for financial planners navigating the complexities of the new economic paradigm.